Office of Accounting was established in 1955, including 3 sections and 10 staff members. Accounting Office's vision is to upgrade from the data records were analyzed for the information provider.


  1. To allocate, distribute, manage and control the annual budget.
  2. To collate, keep accounting records and issue original vouchers and accounting vouchers.
  3. Formulates and standardizes the tuition and incidental fees; issues the paying-in slips.
  4. Assists in procurement projects, price negotiating, tendering, supervising and checking on delivery.
  5. To audit and collate salaries, allowances and hourly payments.
  6. To manage and allocate the annual budget, make staged plans for the mid-term/ long-term financial development of school administration, and estimated statements of expenditure of subvention.
  7. To coordinates response to audits from the University, Subsidiary Organization, Executive Yuan, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education.
  8. To plan, execute and control the management fees of the governmental grants of Ministry of Education and other sections.
  9. To manage, collate and control the revenue and expenditure of projects, continuing education and Industry-Academy Cooperation.